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About us 


 I founded Lashula Lounge in March 2019. Since then I have continuously made sure I keep expanding and developing my knowledge and skills. Not just in lashes but also the business side. We specifically in giving your gorgeous lashes and brows that are right for you. We give you a full in depth consultation to make sure you walk away with a smile on your face. 

lashes should not hurt or cause you any damage and our aim is to change the lash game because too many people have had a bad experience. We aim to educate all our clients so that they don’t have bad experiences anymore. Our Instagram is full of tips and educational posts. 

Why I Work 

I work everyday Monday -Saturday to make sure I see every client possible that needs an appointment. I love working and seeing my clients and they become more like friends.

I started lashes as a hobby ( passing time ) but within months it became my most favourite time of the day.


I care about what style and Length my clients want in lashes so understanding what they want in a consultation is my main priority. I have such big future plans for Lashula Lounge so I hope you will stick with me in this journey. 

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